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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Response to Multiple Questions

Hi friends,

Thanks for posting so many questions; our Yak board is full of life! Here are my responses to the most recent three posts:

Brent: We will arrange storage for extra stuff at times when we want to minimize our weight, such as during the trek.

Natalie: You should bring two passport-size photos, like the one you submit when you applied for your passport (2″ by 2″). It’s possible to get your visa without them, but you will definitely need them later for other things, and they’re generally a good thing to have with you when traveling. If you have time at home, you can get them in 5 or 10 minutes at any chain pharmacy like CVS. If not, you can get them in Nepal after you arrive.

Carter: The sticker-tag that the airline puts on your bag when you check it is usually all that’s needed to retrieve a lost bag. Make sure that you keep the baggage tag sticker that is affixed to the back of your ticket until you claim your bag and exit the airport, as the customs officials in Kathmandu may want to check that you have the correct bag, and this tag is helpful evidence if your bag goes missing. You could also add a label with your name, home address, and “traveling to Kathmandu.”

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any other last-minute questions!