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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt!

Ni Hao!

We walked out of the hostel with the plan to visit a Canadian restaurant owner, where we had some amazing french toast and eggs this morning. All of a sudden we see him standing in front of the hostel, he greets us and we ask him a few helpful questions. After this surprise we come up with our team name: The Long Rangers (Long means dragon).

The first thing we decided to do was buy a map, so we followed a helpful Chinese man through multiple streets and ended up in a beautiful old bookstore. Mapping out where we were was and still is quite a challenge! We bought the most useless souvenir, comp

Our next assignment was to find herbs for eastern medicine, also a challenge due to the language barrier. Tommy is getting a hair wash as we speak, and we’re excited to complete all of our other tasks!


bye for now!!!