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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Scavenger Hunt

Here we are on day four in the lively city of Dulikhel. Today we are doing a scavenger hunt that has us interacting with locals, trying new vegetables and learning about the Nepali culture. One of the items on our list is writing a yak, so here we are! We’ve been having conversations about cultural appropriation, identity and what it means to be a tourist vs. a traveler. Yesterday, as we explored the city we were greeted with smiles, questions and namastes. Even though it is difficult not knowing much of a language, what we’ve come to realize is that words are not what are most important (although we have been taking language lessons!). Today we wrote poems with Rishi about where we come from and our individual identities. Listening to everyone’s stories was amazing and gave insight into each of our lives from home. We all love and miss our families but we have found a new family with each other and we look forward to the adventures ahead. You’ll here from us again soon!

All of our love,

Whitney, Alessandro, Reilly and Carter