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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

September Travel


Hello Friends and Family!

Please enjoy some photos from our September travels…

Main photo: Student group at Prambanan Temple
Photo 1: Biking trip from Berbah to Kedungmiri, SE of Jogja
Photo 2: At Prambanan Temple
Photo 3: The group in Langa, Flores, a region known for their excellent arabica coffee. Most of the homestay families have their own coffee trees and although it is past coffee harvest season, the group got to try their hand at roasting and grinding their own coffee! Pictured is the end result – a large tray of finely ground dark roast, ready to be mixed with hot water and sugar and consumed with cookies and donuts. Also pictured with the group are members of the Langa Trekking Community. They are local guides, many of them homestay brothers or uncles, and the students have been helping them learn and practice English to use while they guide trekkers through the beautiful landscapes of Flores.
Photo 4: Group with members of the Langa Trekking Community at the hot springs. After a few days in the village, students took the afternoon to enjoy the therapeutic springs and some fresh pineapple with the Langa community.