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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Snail Mail

In a world of texts, emails and social media we’ve become accustomed to the immediate transferring of information. This can be convenient but there is something truly special about sending and receiving hand written letters; the time it takes, the intention you have to put behind it. We’ve had a couple students mention that they were interested in sending letters/post cards to family and friends while here in Bolivia and Peru. The postal service down here works a little differently then you may be used to so we’d like to give you all a few pointers.

Sending mail from Bolivia/Peru: Almost all of the major cities we will visit will have postal offices where you can send letters home or to friends/family around the world. Expect the letter to take around 3 weeks to arrive at its final destination. Most of the time it arrives but sometimes…

Receiving mail in Bolivia/Peru: The only place students can receive mail will be in our Tiquipaya homestays. Also expect letters sent from the US to take around 3 weeks to arrive. We’ll be in Tiquipaya September 27th- October 7th and then again November 7th-17th.

Family/friends- If your letter arrives after our first homestay in Tiquipaya that’s fine, it will be waiting for the us when we return for the second homestay in November.

The address is:

Your name

Casilla Postal 319

Cochabamba, Bolivia