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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Some notes for your arrival

Hello dear students,

We are so excited to see you in exactly one week from today. We are getting ready to start our course with lots of positive energy. The three of us are in Urubamba, a beautiful town near Cusco, at our instructors orientation. We are planning our course for it to be a powerful experience for all of you and for us.

We want to give you some directions on things that you will need to know on your travel day to Cusco.

  1. When you arrive to Miami, look for Miriam, she will be wearing a Dragons shirt and will guide you in the process of traveling as a group. Once you are all together, you will need to go through security and immigration.
    • Your flight info is: LATAM airlines #2463. Depart Miami (MIA) at 12:05 am and arrives to Lima at 4:40 am
  2. When you arrive to Lima you will need to go through immigration and get a stamp. Once you are done with that you will need to get your luggage and go through customs.
  3. You will need to go through security again and board your flight to Cusco. The boarding gates are in the second floor of the Lima airport.
    • Your flight info is: LATAM airlines #2013, departing Lima at 7:40 am and arriving to Cusco at 9:05 am.
  4. We will be waiting for you in Cusco as soon as you come out of the baggage claim and we will take it from there. We will have a really nice breakfast waiting for you upon arrival.

We will ask the people that speak Spanish to support the entire group. Elisabeth and Kevin are according to our conversations the highest Spanish levels in the group, so we ask that they support all the group in asking questions at the airport!  The airline staff will also speak English.

We know that is going to be a very long travel day, so we will build time for you to rest at our orientation site.

Much love,

Your instructors.