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Student Intro

Hey!! My name is Natalie and I’m from Chicago. I’m doing this trip as a part of my gap year before I go to Barnard @Lily. During the rest of the year I’m hoping to get an internship in genetics, which is what I want to study in college. I have always been really interested in biology as well as literature and I hope to get introduced to more Spanish and Indigenous literature through the trip. I’m super excited to meet you all and to be in Nicaragua, but I am a little nervous because I don’t really know any Spanish at all. I did a lot in high school, including dancing for almost all of my life, but I didn’t take Spanish!

I really like the Kixajo video because it seemed so different than the traditional rap videos in America. I know that’s what everyone has said but it truly is a stark contrast between the intense, bright colors and the dark, heavy themes in American rap culture.

Anyways I’m pumped to meet you all and I can’t wait to be in a new environment and to learn all about a new culture and new language!

Cya Soon!