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Student Intro

Hey Y’all,

My name is Joel Appel-Kraut and I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. I’m super excited for the trip to begin and to meet all of you! I’m doing this trip as a part of a gap year before attending Tufts University in Boston next fall. In high school my biggest interests were writing, music, and sports. I was the editor of my high school publication ( at school and I hope to be an investigative Journalist at some point in my life. I’ve also been playing drums since I was 3 and played in Jazz Combo’s and Neo-Soul bands throughout high school. Im super excited to learn more about hand-drumming culture in Central America. Lastly, I’ve been playing sports my whole life, and can pretty much get down with any game that’s got other people to compete with.

In high school I worked for Planned Parenthood and at an Ice Cream and Donut shop—comprehensive sex education and dessert are two of the things I am most passionate about. I also have been going to a Socialist, Jewish, Summer Camp since I was 8, and it’s where I received a lot of my education and formulated a lot of who I am and how I see the world. I’m a hip-hop head mostly, but I’ll talk for hours about any kind of music.

In the video I found it interesting what aspects of American Hip-Hop culture were borrowed and what weren’t. The vocal cadence at the beginning was objectively rap, but the clothing in the video seemed uninfluenced by American Black Culture. This especially struck me when the music switched to 3/4 time halfway through—this is rarely seen in hip-hop.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

(I’m on the left, my Bubbie is on the right rocking the flyest corduroy flat cap in the state of Michigan)