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Student Introduction

¡Hola todos y todas! My name is Lily Dillon and I’m from New York City, but I’ve spent the past four years at boarding school in New Hampshire. After my gap year with dragons (I’m signed up for the China program in the spring) I plan to attend Barnard College. This summer I took a film class at NYU and spent a lot of time traveling.

In high school Spanish was one of my favorite subjects along with Latin and history. I spent a lot of my time outside of school during the past two years volunteering for political campaigns in the New Hampshire primary and main elections. Politics and languages are my main academic interests, so I’m most excited to improve my Spanish as well as learn about the political systems in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

I really enjoyed the Kixajo’ video. My favorite aspect of the video was how welcoming the community seemed. People of all ages joined in, which is unusual to see in a lot of U.S. music videos which mostly include only teens and people in their 20s.

I’m so excited to meet you all. See you next Friday!