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Student Introduction

Hi Everyone!

I’m Charlotte Blum and I’m from the Boston area. I’m doing this dragons program as part of my gap year before I start school at Colorado College next fall (hey Lili!). I’m super excited to meet all of you and start our journey together. Spanish has been my favorite subject throughout middle and high school so I can’t wait to start really using it. In school I also loved English literature and the few environmental science classes I had the chance to take. Outside of school, I work on a community farm helping out in the fields or planning fundraisers. In the summer I am a camp counselor there for their education programs. I also play tennis and love to swim, bike, ski, camp, or really do any outdoor activity.

It’s so hard to decide what I am most excited for but I think I’m especially enthusiastic about our various homestays, and to learn more about land use and agriculture in Nicaragua and Guatemala. In terms of the Kixajo’ video I feel like I’m echoing what some other people noticed but I was interested in the sense of community and group importance the video emphasized. It really felt like the artists in the video included such a large and varied group to show how important each individual was to the whole. It wasn’t like the whole group was used to make the main artists stand out more.

See you all in less than a week! I can’t wait to meet everyone!