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The First Days by Sophie 9/20

The first couple of days have put some stress on my body because of the plane ride, time change, and altitude. On the first night in Delhi I could not sleep at all. The second night was great because I slept like a rock and did not wake up once. In Ladakh, I can sleep but not as well as I would like to. My heart races at a quicker pace than usual and my nose gets a little bit stuffy. However, I know that my body will adjust with time.

If you compare Delhi to Ladakh, they are the exact opposites. Delhi is a bustling, chaotic, unorganized, city with hot, thick and environmentally unfriendly weather because of the smaug. In Ladakh we are staying at a guest house in a little villiage in the Himalayas. The village is peaceful and slow paced with cold, thin, and healthy weather.

If I had to choose my favorite place so far, I would say Ladakh because it is a calm place, the weather is clearer, and the natural turain is stunning. One morning I was up early because my body was still adjusting to the time change and I decided to go on a walk. I walked to the dirt rode, climbed the hill next to it, and sat there for about 20 minutes just staring at the mountains. It was a moment I will never forget.

I am looking foward to the many adventures ahead of us at our homestays, the trek, Varanasi, the meditation retreat, and the X phase. I am also looking foward to observing the evolution and growth of everyone during this course because I know we are all going to change in some ways.