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Thea Intro

Hello everyone! My name is Thea!

I live in New Jersey with my parents and younger sister. I’m 18 and just graduated from my high school, Mount Saint Mary. This trip is a part of my gap year before I head off to Lafayette College in 2018.

In my spare time I enjoy writing, reading and eating. My all-time favorite book is a Thousand Splendid Suns and my favorite TV show is The Office. On a typical Saturday you can find me hanging out with my friends, playing with my dog—who I believe is the cutest dog ever—listening to music, or spending time with my family.

Like all of you, I love traveling. I have traveled to Italy, Turkey, France, and the Netherlands. And the last three summers including this one I worked in Nepal.

I’m interested in religion and international relations and I was really happy to discover this program because it seemed like a perfect fit for me. I am looking forward to delving into Myanmar’s history and learning about a new culture, and truly experiencing life in another country. I’m also interested in exploring my spirituality, which is something I’ve never explored before. And I’m even eager to face the challenges that I know we are bound to experience.

I am certain that this trip will push me outside of my comfort zone. As a result, I’m sure that I will grow and mature as a person. And come back home with a new perspective on life and the world and my place in it, which is something I welcome.

As a kid I had (still do) a pretty active imagination. I spent most of time pretending I was in a far-off land going on adventures or daydreaming about living in a country I learned about. Ever since I can remember I have dreamed of traveling and now I feel as though my childhood dreams are coming true.

I’m excited to explore Myanmar and have new adventures and, of course, meet all of you.

See you all very soon!