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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

To Homestays We Go!

Hi Friends and Families!

This is the Instructor Team just giving you a head’s up that we are traveling today to our 2 week rural village homestay. Everyone is doing well. Students are currently journaling, reading, and playing soccer as we wait for our transport this beautiful morning. Please expect to not hear from us very often over the next 2 weeks since wifi will be spotty or non-existent. We are so excited to celebrate the Hindu festival of Dasain in the village, and learn about small scale agriculture in Nepal. Last night we watched a documentary called SEED: The Untold Story, which students very much enjoyed. And we visited a permaculture farm, learning about the theory and philosophy of the ancient practice (a different experience than walking through pesticide sprayed fields the day before). P.S. This photo is us resting our tired feet after 3 days of trekking with our 2 Sherpa guides Kazi dai and Pasang dai through Shivapuri National Park, up never-ending staircases, through pine forests, and over terraced potato fields. We hope you are all having amazing times on your side of the world, and we’ll reach out with updates as soon as we return to Kathmandu!


Shanti, Michael, and Sarah