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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Update from Chokati

Today was another full day in Chokati village, and the students are back at home with their homestay families for the 3rd night.

Today the students enjoyed a talk by Man Bahadur Thami, the recently elected leader of the village municipality, representing 780 families.

He shared with the group a fascinating tale of his 70 years of life, from his time as a boy herding goats, hearing his father’s stories of Old Tibet bartering rice for salt, his family’s happiness and sadness through the years leading up to his false imprisonment during Nepal’s civil war and finally his political and social activism.

His key advice was that “a person does not become important by amassing money, wealth or fame, but the amount they are able to help others.”

Afterwards, the students chose from a list of village skills they could study and practice and crafted their own group schedule for the next 10 days in the village.

Tomorrow is Maha Dashami festival, the Great 10th Day of Asoj Month, celebrating the Victory of Good Over Evil. We will be spending time celebrating with the village leaders.