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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Update from the Royal Range!

Dear friends and families,

The instructors have been sending us regular updates from the mountains, and the group is enjoying their first adventure into the high Andes.  The students recovered quickly from their GI upset, and have set up camp at the base of Mt. Condoriri alongside an alpine lake.  Yesterday, the group summited Pico Austria, the highest peak in the immediate area at 16,555 feet in altitude.  Today they reached the top of Juancalla, above 16,200 feet.  After some rain and clouds during their first days, the group was afforded clear skies today with sweeping views of the range.

The students have enjoyed cooking together in the evenings, and learning from their guide Eduardo, a renowned Bolivian mountain climber who grew up in a small Aymara community nearby.

The group has one more full day of hiking tomorrow, and then on Wednesday will make their way back to La Paz.  Expect student posts and photos then!