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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Warm layers and long socks

Zhongdian Hauptplatz, Yunnan, Gebetsmühle in Shangri-La

Hi Dragons!

We’d just like to remind you to bring enough warm layers to keep warm for our first section in China. Temperatures will range from 10-21 C / 50-70 F. You might want to pack a scarf, gloves and beanie if you feel the cold easily. Wool socks too.

We’d also like to remind you to pack 1-2 pairs of long socks for our trek in Laos. You’ll need to tuck your pants into your socks to try to prevent leeches from getting into your shoes.

Som, Marcus and I are flying to Kunming tomorrow to make our final preparations in-country. We will see you at the airport on the 17th. Stay tuned for more Yaks.

Many thanks!

Team Mekong.