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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

We will finally start moving our bodies!

Hello dear families and friends,

We are getting ready today for our first trek in the magnificent Andes. The mountain that will receive us for the next five days is called Ausangate. We will have five hiking days and four nights sleeping at the foot of this impressive formation. Ausangate is the most sacred mountain for the Incan empire and we will have the honor of moving through it. The Incas considered the mountains to be sacred guardians and Ausangate was the highest peak near the empire’s capital, Cusco.

We will have between five and eight hours of trekking each day. We have been getting ready for this for the last 11 days since we arrived to Cusco. We are confident on our process of acclimatization to the mountains. This will be a group strengthening activity, where we all will be supporting each other and will enjoy the beauty of this glacier together.

Last night, as part of our preparation for the trek, we had a ceremony asking the Apu Ausangate for permission to walk through it. We all asked for good blessings for our families as well as for our journey for these five days.

We won´t have internet or phone service until we are back from our trek, on October the 1st. We will be in touch with the office to let them know the process of our journey.

Wish us the best for these days. We will also be thinking about you all!

The instructors