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Hi everyone!!

My name is Tiana. I just graduated from Terra Linda High School in San Rafael, CA and knew taking a gap year was the best option for me. This Dragons course specifically stood out to me because it focuses on Buddhism and spiritual growth which I have grown quite a strong interest for in the past year. I needed to take a year off for myself to mature and become more independent. Traveling is definitely my favorite thing to do! The most memorable places I have traveled to would be Tahiti which is in the French Polynesian Islands (I am part Tahitian), Spain, Costa Rica and Hawaii. Other than traveling, I love social outings, especially if theres music because I cannot stop myself from dancing! Ive gotten pretty lazy this summer, but regularly I love doing yoga, meditation and reading spiritually enlightening books like; The Four Agreements, The Power of Now, etc.

I am eager to learn the values of a society that is not materialistically based and to indulge in the buddhist traditions. I am looking forward to learning more about myself and to gain many new perspectives. Most of all, I am so excited to meet all of the participants in this life changing experience.

This course plays the role of a stepping stone in my life which will further my learning about the world I live in and will help define my choices for my future.

One moment from my childhood that defined me as a person was attending a summer camp called Camp Winnarainbow which is run by the famous hippie, Wavy Gravy. There, I was exposed to many positive minded people who let me explore the world of creativity. On the last night of the two week stay, me and my tipi of campers were guided silently through a sacred labyrinth, one by one. When I completed the sandy circle of love, I was greeted by Wavy, where he sat before a beautiful pile of crystals. We were all given a chance to look through and pick one that resinated with us. This crystal signified my camp experience as token of the love, community and friendship that I found.