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A Month In Photos: Part 1/5

Today we find ourselves back in Lost Inn Managua, at almost the halfway point in our trip. It seems fitting; ending at the place we began, closing the loop of our time in Nicaragua. I feel that now is an appropriate time to look back on the first month we’ve spent getting to know this country and each other, and the best way I know how is through photos I’ve taken.

Assuming a role as one of the many “photographers” of this trip has made this experience that much more memorable to me, knowing that I’m capturing my viewpoint in the moment and that I can look back at all I’ve seen for years to come. I don’t have to only describe from memory the colors of a sunset, the homes in which I’ve stayed, the faces of the people I’ve met along the way: I can also show you. Some may argue that being behind a lens separates one from the moment they’re in, that taking photos distracts them from fully experiencing things. I think that the opposite is true. I’ve found that taking photos encourages to look at the details in my surroundings and be really aware of where I am, and for that I am truly grateful.

Now, the photos that I will be sharing with you in several parts are in no means comprehensive, but rather I’ve selected (after a long, painful process of narrowing down) photos that I like the look of best and that give you a tiny window into everything we’re learning and experiencing.

Part 1: La Garnacha

1. Us meeting with Doña Victoria, an expert in natural medicines, in her lovely garden. (Obviously, I didn’t take this photo.)

2.  Artisan brothers from La Garnacha teaching us how to carve soapstone or “marmolina”.

3.  The 27th logbook of visitors Don Alberto had, us included.

4. Us meeting Don Alberto himself

5.  One of the many carvings done by Don Alberto during his 40 years living on his farm.

6.  Swiss-style cheese ripening in “La Fábrica del Queso”