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A thing of the past

It has been a week in El Lagartillo community and feels like more than that, not because it is a lot of days, but because we have been learning and living the community rhythm without thinking about it, just being here.

Since the sunrise announces by the roosters to the sunset when the toads and crickets start chanting around the house.  We, Dragons, have been visiting El Lagartillo for several years, maybe around 8 or 10 now, and the life here is 95% the same, and is great.

The day by day time here is abstract, seems like the most important clock here is the nature that marks the time by its circles; the rainy season and the dry season and everything each of those two moments of the year bring or take with them.  The cows and the people are one, one can’t live without another, the dairy products are essential for the daily diet in El Lagartillo and for their economy too. The farmers keep growing their food: Yuca, Corn, Beans, Lemons, herbs, etc. and complement their weekly food stock with fruits and more vegetables that come from Achuapa community on a bus once a week.

The lifestyle of El Lagartillo seems to be pretty easy, but makes me think that it is actually really hard to keep living like this in times of capitalism and massive globalization. The leaders of the community have not allowed direct internet signal get reach the community to keep alive the habit of reading, the library is open for everyone and is  where the students from primary and secondary school still do research using books, not google or wikipedia, yes, books, real books.  The corners of the street keep being the most important meeting point for the adults and elders to talk about their daily life. The streets are also the favorite play ground of the kids run around the community with an enormous freedom and happiness, getting dirt, getting wet by the rain without thinking about getting sick, no fear, no shame, just laughs, friends and family.

The people of El Lagartillo know how to live in community, their struggles during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s made them become a strong community, where everyone is family and everyone plays an important role: the farmers, the teachers, the moms, the fathers, the grandparents, the youth, the kids, the rivers, the crops, the animals and the land, all together, no one left behind and a huge sense and understanding of what community means and is. El Lagartillo keeps being that strong and beautiful community that is teaching and sharing with us its great world view, that some people think is a thing of the past, but I think is actually very forward thinking and progressive.