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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


The stay in Bhalamchour was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. While the physical activities I tried were difficult, it was small, seemingly trivial situations that brought me out of my comfort zone. I had hour long conversations at dinner, while sitting in thick cloud of smoke billowing from the indoor fire, that were communicated only through hand signals and various forms of grunts. I had constant fights with the giant spider that lived under my bed, and would practice throwing things at it whenever it decided to crawl on me. I had to share the little emotions I have, and had to dance to Nepali music blaring from speakers that took up half the room.

However, the good times overshadowed the difficult ones. I loved waking up every morning to look at the towering mountains dominating the skyline. I became a regular at the nightly card games, and laughed as the game would erupt into friendly screaming matches between the players. I played games with the seemingly endless amounts of kids in the village, and was a part of the Dragons soccer team that won the local league after two exhausting games in the jungle. Despite injuring myself on our previous hike, Nepal’s landscape is incredible, and I look forward to exploring it further.