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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Three Night Excursion

Safety briefing before rappeling

Hello Everyone,

The group left this morning for the first part of a 3 day excursion outside of Chiang Mai. Partnered with Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Association and long-time Dragons facilitator Josh Morris, the group will be engaged in a combination of intentional outdoor activities and initiatives to help transition into the next phase of the course. The students helped co-author the plan for the coming days and everyone is excited! After a slower pace of travel in home-stays, there was a strong desire for a bit more outdoor exploration, adventure, and shared fun. Please note that the group will have very limited communication access until October 9th. Here are a few photos from their first day of activities….

Justin Kiersky enjoying time with the group

On rappell!

Learning the ropes…literally

Safety briefing before rappelling