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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.


A wise Khenpo said, “We say there is no sunlight but the sunlight is always there. The nature of the sun is to give light. The nature of our mind, like the sun, is always shining. The outer negative emotions cover our mind and we are unable to recognize the reality of this world and its beings. Our duty is to clear away those clouds for sunshine and clarity.”
In silence, my thoughts feel like a never-ending storm. Struggling to seek refuge I find myself at Namo Buddha, a place of tranquility. Here I learned that mindful breathing is my anchor in the storm. Breath allows the clouds to part and let in the rays of sunshine that bring clarity. From gaining this clarity one can gain insight on their inner self. Practicing silence this week was surprisingly difficult for me. I was forced to walk deeper into the storm of my thoughts and emotions.
I’ve never been to a place that seems as blessed as it does here in Namo. When the rays of light part through the clouds, I can imagine the “om” on Buddha’s forehead radiating white light. As I focus deeper the letters and rays dissolve into me and my body is revitalized.