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Elena’s Poem

We have sadly come to the end of our stay at the Phaung Daw Oo Monastic School in Mandalay.  In parting, a talented Pre-College Program student named Elena wrote this beautiful poem for us, titled “Frankly Speaking”.


12:14 AM, Friday, October 20. A quite night, drizzling outside. Listening to the gentle snoring of my roommates. But I, suffering from insomnia, am thinking with no direction, the words coming out unconsciously. I wrote them down.

It hurts my heart, and it is hard to say even a word. ‘‘Take care of your health”, ‘‘Drop me a line of remembrance”.  The words of ‘parting’, among people who love each other.

It has been five days since we met each other. Among the unperfectible experience of the world.  Trying to understand each other, arguing and discussing together, going hand in hand.  Sharing in solving problems, like brothers and sisters. Being friendly and peaceful and feeling pure in heart.

Belief.  I realized in a moment, when I was with you. You guys! Leading the society with justice, bringing peace to our world, and freedom. Oh my friends! Though we will be thousand of miles apart, we will still be close.

Each taking parts respectively in different responsibilities for our community. Studying and working in opposite parts of world, but still under the same sky.

Dragons! When you breathe out fire, its light becomes a guiding star, illuminating the darkness on earth.  There is no blind world any more. You are truly the dragons.