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Halloween in Kunming

1) Halloween

There are few things we miss about home, but almost every day for the past two weeks we have lamented missing fall foliage, apple cider donuts, and Halloween candy. Two nights ago, we finally got to fulfill our autumnal longings. We were greeted at the Champion English school on the opposite side of Kunming by small Chinese children running around with costumes and oblong jack-o-lanterns, followed closely by their mothers and fathers. Lear, the director of this school and a former Dragons instructor, was our energetic host at the Halloween party. Some of us rented fuzzy animal onesies, Theo provided two costumes from Hong Kong, and others bought 5 kuai witch hats to complete our Halloween look. Every last child was dressed up as a princess, ghost, Darth Vader, or witch. Red and white face paint was smeared on the sink of the school bathroom: the results of George, the teacher from Georgia (the country), experimenting with his mummy costume. We started the night off with a brief explanation of our Halloween traditions in America. All of the children now know “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat… if you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear” thanks to Elly. Theo described pumpkin carving, and Joey talked about trick or treating with your friends and the great emotional benefits of snickers. After that, we had a Who’s Scarier contest followed by a rock paper scissors contest. In both contests, team Dragons went against team Champions. Team Dragons lost both the Who’s Scarier contest and all three rounds of the rock paper scissors contest. To rub in the sting of our losses, we had to put on a performance for every round of rock paper scissors that we lost. After our first defeat, the entire Dragons team performed a graceful and artistic Macarena dance. Elly and Ron danced the hypothermia dance after our second defeat, and Joey juggled small plastic pumpkins following our final loss. Once the fierce competition was over, the kids dispersed to a bunch of small rooms where an abundant amount of candy had been spread. We spent the rest of the night building a human chain to block the view of the haunted house room from a growing line of kids, and took lots of pictures with them and their very enthusiastic parents.


Also, Joe trampolined to Disco Funk today, on actual Halloween.


2) Subways

3) Instruments

4) Chicken wings