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Homestays in Dhomkar

This week, I am the scribe which means I am responsable for posting yaks and making sure that other people post yaks. It will be a difficult task though because the internet is never working.

On September the 21st, we left our lovely guest house in Phyang and waited for the bus on the side of the road to take us to Dhomkar. The bus ride to Dhomkar was roughly three and a half hours. It was thrilling, exciting, and a little scary to be on the edge of the Himalayan mountains looking over the tealish Indus river. Sometimes the bus would seem to be too close from a sheer drop into the valley. And this made my stomach drop. When we arrived in Dhomkar we had tea in our program house and then went off to our homestays. My homestay partner was Dany (Daniela) and our house was very nice. We had a very comfortable bed, a flat screen TV, and a very lovely ama. The people at our house were incredibly welcoming and kind. My favorite moment of the whole homestay was when they dressed us up in traditionl Ladakhi clothing. Dany and I wore the clothes the whole day.

After the homestays we got on a bus and took a three and a half hour bus ride to Leh. When we arrived in Leh we drove to our guest house and used the next two days to prepare for our trek.