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This morning I woke up at 5 with Uttara, Saurabh Ji, Adeline, and Sol to get to the airport around 7 for our 8:30 flight to Delhi. At that hour of the morning, the world seemed so different because of the light and weather. The clouds were hanging low and the mountains were not visible because of them. It was cold and rainy and the sun was just beginning to rise. This made the world look soft and somehow delicate. I was excited for the ride to the airport when I found out that we would be sitting in the back of our hosts truck.

It was an amazing three weeks in Ladakh and I am sad to leave but excited to be traveling to Varanasi. During our time in Ladakh, we spent the first days in Phyang for our orientation, then we took a 3 and half hour bus ride to Domkhar for our homestays, and then we took another bus ride to Leh. Spent two days in Leh in order to prepare for our trek. Then, went on a stunning trek through the himalayas. We returned to Leh for two more nights, and went back to Phyang. Today is October the 10th and I am relaxing in our hotel room in Delhi, anticipating tonight’s 12 hour train ride to Varanasi. I am looking forward to time in Varanasi because of the independent study projects, the people, culture, food, clothing, and sights and sounds.