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Photo journal update

1. Ko Harri, our trekking guide and Homestay coordinator in Shan State, shows us a trail of termites crossing the path.

2. Three Dragons students exhausted by the sensory and experience overload take a much needed nap in front of our family’s Buddhist shrine.

3. U Chit Phay, our family’s patriarch, is 78 years old and the father to 11 children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

4. The students play blob tag with their host brothers and sisters at the local elementary school at Sin Leh Village.

5. Overlooking Sin Leh village nestled in the emerald rice paddies and hills of verdant Shan State.

6. Us three instructors and Ko Harri, an Indian Sikh who’s ancestors have lived in Myanmar for generations and is our local guide, trekking from Kalaw to Sin Leh Village.