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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Shots of Patan (Part II)

7. Clothes – A layered composition of some little bits of Patan life

8. Survival – A building in central Old Town bears scars from the the 2015 earthquake as it stands beside its fallen comrade

9. The Smirk – A little girl smirks at the camera after giggling childishly with bubbles. She couldn’t understand a word I said, but she stared down the lens of my camera with a beautiful intensity

10. Morning Mountains – A rare glimpse of the Himalaya soaring about Northern Patan and Kathmandu. Nothing like a site of the tallest mountain range in the world to start off your day.

11. Morning Blessings – While wonderfully lost, I ran into this elderly woman engaging in her morning blessings, vibrant tika on her plate. I understood not one word she said but her smile when she say the photo made my day.

12. Spunk – Using my (very) limited Nepali, I befriended this girl through the universal language of blowing bubbles. She immediately wanted me to take her photo and proceeded to take my camera and photograph me and her whole family, insisting everyone participate. Her confidence and spunk reminded me of my own sister.