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Sol Basketball

Sol Yak 10/5 (Basketball)

A lot of my life has been dedicated to the game of basketball and it is something that I have a strong relationship with. My relationship with the game has changed, now it is a source of fun instead of it being intense and taking over my life. Today I got to share my passion with the students of secmol. Jackie, an avid basketball player, and I made a plan to play basketball after work hour today. Saurabh also joined us and we played HORSE. Our game was interrupted by lots of students waiting to get on the court so we decided to stop our game and start three on three. We laughed a lot and missed a lot of shots but we all had a lot of fun. I was happy to play the game that I love.

Later in the day during conversation class I spoke with a teammate of mine, Sengay. We talked about the game earlier and about how we barely won. He was very enthusiastic and we were really connecting about the game, also he shared that it was his first time playing. Then he said, “I have interest now, do you want to play tomorrow?” A feeling of pure joy overwhelmed me, I was a part of his journey finding something that he really enjoyed and now I get to be a part of it. I can’t wait to play tomorrow. Hopefully, we win again and beat Jackie.