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Sol Yak

Sol Yak 10/5 (Secmol/Trek)

Our group has completed the trek and has arrived on Secmol campus. The transition was quick and settling into our dorms after living in a tent for five nights was a challenge. I am getting over the initial hump of the transition and find myself engaged in the secmol community now after spending the first few days distracted by my mind processing the trek.

Trekking is a passion of mine, walking alone and thinking is something that comes very naturally to me. I valued my time on the trek and found myself in a walking meditation for most of it, strengthining my understanding of myself. The day we completed the trek was the same day we arrived at Secmol. After spending time with just the group, the staff on the trek, and the gorgeous mountains arriving on a campus with seventy-five students and staff was a huge culture shock. I found myself still processing thoughts that I was contemplating on the trek. I didn’t think this was a problem until I noticed I did not feel fully engaged with the daily schedule and all the conversations happening throughout the day. This is an oppurtunity for me though, because this is a common struggle in my life and I now feel I have the tools to change.

I have been focusing on allowing my mind to process the things it needs to but not letting that take me out of the moment, whatever the thoughts may be. The past few days I have been more involved socially and making connections with people all around campus. Being around my peers, utilizing my journal, and talking with my instructors have allowed me to facilitate this change in living.