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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

The Cloud Forest Canopy Walkway

We have enjoyed having the Manu National Park and Wayqecha cloud forest trails all to ourselves, and have taken full advantage of our exclusive presence by hiking THEM ALL! For Olivia’s birthday, we hiked down to Wayqecha’s pride and joy, the Canopy Walkway (videos to come), to look down at the forest from above the treetops and gaze out at the dynamic topography of the Andes covered in the lush green if the Amazon.
Today we enjoyed our solitude and the freshly watered jungle to watch and listen for the native bird species to present themselves in their natural habitat. Later, we hiked down an exciting trail through dense foliage to the site of the original research station several miles away.
We now await our bus to Cuzco to continue our Amazon adventure, reuniting with the rest of our beloved group in Puerto Maldonado and catching a boat to Fauna Forever research center and Pachiamanu native communities.
Buenas noches,
Olivia, Jack, Tom and Doug