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The Truth

Finally arriving in Senegal was harder than any of us could have imagined. It wasn’t because of the long plane ride or the mean lady that demanded Micah’s sugar, or even the fact that more than a few of us did not get enough sleep. To me it was the abrupt departure from a place that is Home and not being able to enjoy the last of it with the new people around every corner. The fact that when I was in the markets I could not explore and try to communicate ‘poorly in my case’ with every person that wanted me to buy mofo or shoes or everything else that came up. Even staying in nice hotels seemed alien.

We lost some of of our friends, but luckily our instructors stayed, so it was as if we gained new students. They saw that we were not done with Madagascar so since we can not go back right now, we gave bittersweet goodbye and I thought of the satanic leaf tailed gecko Theo found scrolling on his phone and every birds in Ranomafana he could mimic. I thought of the burned fields and the posy-posy driver in Morondava Star hat, I never knew his name yet we still gave understanding smiles and nods every time we saw each other. I thought of my sister who was way too polite on some occasions, and was different from me in almost every way, yet we shared the same story, and she always knew when I was upset. With all the good and the pinch of bad that was there, we gave the almost last goodbye to our homes away from home.

That day ended with a beautiful call to prayer, one no one could understand, but still left us with the impression of peace, one adventure ends and another begins. My companions and I will never forget Madagascar and some people will do the same for us. The truth is, it hurts to say goodbye, but a new adventure is starting, and with every passing day in Senegal I learn so much. The most important lesson I have learned in this country so different from mine is, a person is a person no matter what we do we can relate to each other. In every race there are warlike people and people of peace. Senegal is full of peace, and and for a few moments I am to. I am home.