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The Wonder of Morondava

With each rise of the sun, you get to chase the opportunity to fill your days with meaning.  Here on the other side of the planet, more precisely in Morondava right now, you can find the 12 wonderful students spending time connecting with local families all   Doing their best living each day figuring out how to make their experience meaningful in their own way.

This is their day 9 living with the new families. Students are now busy learning and using the local language, some are interviewing locals for their ISP( Indepedent Study Project), the others are joining their families in different events and activities.

It is so touching to see them smiling hand in hand with their younger siblings regardless of the language difference, sweating a lot helping or coooking food with their families, exploring neighborhoods to find seamstresses and bargaining while shopping on their own.

Tomorrow, we will say goodbye to the host families during a small evening ceremony.

We will be in touch with you.