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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

This is my life right now


I’m here, sitting on my living room, practicing my Nepali with my sister and journaling until dinner is ready. My sister Sajita is doing her homework next to me. My little brother is wearing a really warm hat as his jumping around the room, playing with his spinner is complete silence (I have got used to his uniqueness). My other brother, who’s actually my cousin but there doesn’t seem to a difference in Nepal, is watching some music video in his phone. This is my life right now, and it’s a strange feeling getting so used to it. If I don’t think it long enough, it doesn’t seem strange to me, that I’m 15,800 km away from home, in the living room of a Nepali family that doesn’t share my language and that a few weeks ago were complete strangers, and yet I’m hanging out as if I was just another sister, or cousin, of both.

I love being at this point, where I can relax and be comfortable, but still being aware of how amazing, weird, fortunate and surreal it is to be here, learning something new every day, making connections I didn’t know were possible is such a short amount of time, looking back at my life, smiling, crying, laughing and accepting every instant Nepal is offering me.