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A thought…
The trek we did last week gave me a lot of time to think (time that is hard to get in daily life when your schedule is full to the top). Walking in silence for hours definitely makes you question many things, and even learn about yourself.

The Himalayas. Sounds like somethings huge, solid, strong, even a little intimidating, right? But when you get closer you realize that if you softly touch the rocks that make up this mountains it is easy to tear them apart. Holding in my hand a small rock that I had accidentally taken from the mountain made me realize the amazing power of unity. We can learn so much from the nature that surrounds us. It is time that we understand how together we can be stronger, together we can change so much more than anything we could ever change or do as individuals. “Unity is strength” said Jigmet, the person that led us during the trek. “Unity is strength” said the mountains to me when I took the time to listen.

Familia: les mando todo el amor que hay en mi! Gracias por hacerme sentir que no importa en donde este siempre voy a tener un lugar junto a ustedes. Los amo.

All the best,
Daniela Zorrilla