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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

To the Mountains

Friends and Families,

While we prepped you all to not hear from us during our rural homestays, we were able to figure out a method of communication. The last 2 weeks of yaks were brought to you not only by the writing of your students, but the dedicated finger typing skills of the instructor team on their phones, the standing on certain rooftops in the village to receive enough mobile data for our whats app yak messages to be sent to our Program Director Claire, who has been generous enough to re-type our messages onto the yak board for you to read and enjoy.

All this to say that we truly will be going into more remote regions with less cell tower coverage for the next 2 1/2 weeks for what we’ve dubbed the “Maha Trek”. Through mountains, valleys, and high passes, our days will be long, full of walking and contemplation, and conversation with our Sherpa guides. Our evenings will be spent setting up camp, feeding ourselves, learning from our local staff members, and getting plenty of sleep.

Everyone is excited for the Himals – what drew so many to this part of the world. The instructor team will put their full attention on keeping everyone healthy, happy, and hydrated. So just giving you a head’s up…that’s what we’re up to if you don’t hear anything from the yak board!


Shanti, Michael, and Sarah