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Trek Finished and Arrival at SECMOL

Hello friends and family,

Team India has just finished a 5-day trek from Stok to Shang Village, in the world renowned Makha Valley. The size and majesty of the mountains, the spaciousness and peacefulness of the valley, the hospitality and kindness of our trekking support staff, made our experience unforgettable. Our friendships deepened while we took many steps forward in building our sangha.

All together we crossed three high passes and at each we sent out our prayers to you all while ceremoniously tying prayer flags. Have our well-wishes arrived yet?

We are continuing to experience challenges with internet and communication. Apart from spotty internet that come and go, the city of Leh had no electricity for several hours today (just to give you a sense of what we are experiencing here).

For this coming week we will be doing our service project at the SECMOL campus, a place of inspiring design and powerful community.

On October 7th, we will return to the city of Leh and we can’t wait to share the many stories from our incredible journeys thus far in this remote and ancient kingdom.

Julley from Ladakh!

Jacky, Uttara, Saurabh