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I have never been a hiker. In fact I have dreaded hiking all my life- to the point where my dad once bribed my sister and I with plastic Walmart rechargeable toddler cars. After that hike- which leads up to the most beautiful lake- we drove to Walmart and my sister got a mini jeep and I got a red little plastic four-wheeler which I rode everywhere. I put my poor dog on it, I rode it to pick flowers and to gather vegetables from the garden, i even rode it in the house. Clearly i was nervous about this hiking segment of the trip. My mom was concerned because this summer i had hiked once, for and hour total even though i spend the majority of my summer in colorado with one of the most beautiful hikes out my front door. I am good at passing time so i thought to myself and realized how i spent 9 months once in a place i didn’t like and how 4 days would be nothing- i could also think about how nice my legs would look after… superficial things like this to get me through. By the end of it, i was right. I thought about my legs the whole time. My legs were my favorite part of the trek. I walked 2nd or third in line and i watched our guide walk so swiftly and slowly. I copied his graceful slothlike moves. I didn’t know humans could move so slowly without an accidental fast twitch,. My legs carried my body so evenly and at every step i felt grounded and balanced. I had never hiked like this before. Normally i put no effort into my step and let my whole body try to jerk its way up the mountain. But on this trek fo 6 hours a day, over passes and through valleys, each step was supported by my trained legs which allowed for my back to be straight and for me to feel so glorious in the himalayas. The hike in colorado normally takes 3 hours to get upbut with my new stride i may take half a day. Anyways- hi mom and dad.