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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Updated Itinerary

Dear parents and friends of the Mekong,

So much has taken place in the past few weeks and we want to give you some clarity regarding the next phase of the course. Please understand some of the plans/dates we’re detailing below might change, but what follows is a rough outline of the next two weeks:

The Mekong crew will arrive in Chiang Mai and settle in on the evening of 10/5. We’ll focus on an Intro to Buddhism, intro to Thai language and customized northern Thai cooking classes for the following two days. From 10/8-10, we’ll head to the Indigenous Dialogue Center hosted by Pi Oshi and Karen villagers. There students will engage in a three-day program delving into an Intro to Indigenous culture in Thailand, environmental preservation, story-telling with elders, traditional rice cultivation, forest treks, and Independent Study Project time. Next we’ll transit back to Chiang Mai to meet with NGO leaders at the Burmese Study Center and the Migrant Learning Center. Finally, we’ll take a morning train to Phitsanalok to visit the ancient capital of Sukhothai (time permitting) before taking a bus/minivan trip to the Nong Khai, Thailand-Vientiane, Laos border.

I understand this is brief. Much remains to be determined. Please excuse the oblique nature of the information and email [email protected] or call the office with any questions.


Justin Kiersky