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Where There is peace

One day, I was asked: “What are you looking forward to in the future?” And my response was that: “I am looking forward to peace as peace is my happiness. Many of us also have different ways of reaching our own version of peace in our lives.

Moving to Senegal brought up many emotions for our group, particularly on the day drove to the airport, had pre-flight dinner with friends, gave farewell hugs for some, and prepared for a new adventure for the others.

With our one-way tickets in hand, everything went on smoothly – even during the layovers – and we made it through to the new land of Senegal. We were welcomed by our wonderful Dragons colleagues who are also our family members. We traveled with them to Dene, a very peaceful village full of kindhearted people who let us stay in their houses, sit on their special mats, play with their kids, and share song and dance. While there, we shared very cosy meals during as a family with colleagues and other students. We also visited the Pink Lake and it was so impressive how wonderful and generous the nature is in that place. We have been so welcomed and supported by creative and fun to be around students and acquaintances.

Now, we are in Thies, practicing the language and eating local food. Our group will learn and live the local culture with the host families during our one week-long homestay. Senegalese people are so willing to talk with us and share their own experiences as we start to explore this country. We feel connected to them even though we speak different languages. They definitely show us how to live in peace and harmony through their sincere hospitality.