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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Why Do We Trek?

We trek to perceive the world.
Not the places where planes can fly us or buses can transport us.
But to discover the finest details and patterns, and the destinations to which only our legs can carry us.
We trek to experience the Cordillera Real and Nación Q’eros.
To feel our feet crush paths only other bodies have known.
To begin to understand the authenticity of hidden cultures, tucked away in high mountains, disguised by fog, but teeming with life, with tradition, with sacrifice.
We trek because there exists no other way to quench our deepest physical and ideological curiosities:
What is out there? Who are they? And who am I?
We trek for the most beautiful, the most unique, the most thoughtful, the most unknown.
Because, if no one ever trekked, would we ever find out anything new? About the Earth, our home? About its people, our neighbors?
We trek to perceive the world in all its raw, reserved, and delicious glory.
We trek because we should. We should see.
We should learn.