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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

2:54 AM

Theres a cockroach crawling
behind my bed
And now it’s not on,
but in my head.
Its minute sounds terrify me
on repeat -there’s no way
i can sleep.
Please leave,
i can’t even see you.
It’s too late to find
someone to kill you -or sweep you away.
And why do you always disappear in the day?

Right… because in the night
You have the power
to question my own might.
I must face you alone.
You are all my deepest fears subtly yet
demanding my attention -resolution. No.
Stop. Leave.
Or I’ll make you be gone.

C’mon you robber of my sleep -you creep.
Face my flashlight. Don’t you dare?
Oh, I don’t care if you are scared.
Face me.

The irony: it wasn’t a cockroach after all. It was some similar insect, about a third of the size of one. And that’s how our fears mess with us…