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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

A Bolivian Wedding

Sloan, Elisabeth, and Kevin with some flower petals.

During our time in Tiquipaya 7 of us were able to attend the wedding reception of a family friend of Kevin and Jacob’s homestay family. On the left is Paula (Jacob’s homestay mom)

The couples first dance. Throughout the reception white paper cut into the shape of small flower petals was sprinkled on the heads of the couple and the guest.

Sloan, Elisabeth, and Kevin with some flower petals.

Outside of the reception a woman was selling and wrapping wedding gifts. We all purchased gifts and were able to personally hand them to the couple.

For dinner we were served chicken, pork, vegetables, rice, and a relleno.

The most surprising part about the wedding for us was the gifts the couple received. They got two refrigerators, two ovens, a large dinning room set, and lots of other household furniture.

We had a great time dancing with each other and other wedding guests.

After the wedding we all piled into Kevin’s homestay father’s taxi and headed back to Kevin and Jacob’s house for a scary spanish movie marathon.