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A yak with love

last night dani and I went to our batik teachers house for dinner. Her name is jasmindar and she is wonderful. She makes incredible beautiful tye dyes of nature and women. we cooked together with the help of choti who studies under her st the university. We made classic Indian dishes and then went through her sisters wedding book in her room like we were at a slumber party. Then we ate dinner on her bed and giggled a lot. Finally we each got dropped off at home by jasmindar and it felt like a mix of a slumber party, girls night out, and play date. Very confusion but that’s Varanasi for ya.

I have established a little routine and now have some good friends. Jasmindar is one of them. I also have a rickshaw guy who waits for me at exactly 9:00 a.m. in front of the road to “school.” His name is Jamir and even if there are multiple rickshaw men on my corner, Jamir and I have an understanding and we rickshaw away as he laughs at the other rickshaw men who started offering me a ride way before Jamir. He actually doesn’t offer anymore- I just hop on and we glide away without discussing price or location. I also say namaste every morning to two people in the same place at the same time. The chaaiwallah man with the curlers mustache who looks Russian and the observant woman who squats in front of her door less one room home in the immigrant section of the area for the entire day to watch people go by.