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Banaras’s Bovine Beauties

Having just returned to Banaras, I am struck, once again, by the proliferation of cows on the street. Some of theses sacred creatures are emaciated, others munch on garbage. The ones in the street are shouted and honked at. Most are neglected. Only a few belong to families and are properly looked after, but even these have probably never grazed in the nutritious green fields of their bovine dreams.

It is surprisingly difficult to capture a portrait of a cow. I discovered that if you stand in front of these creatures with a camera, they amble towards you. This is an incovenience when it comes to the cows, but with the bulls, it is terrifying.

Anyway, there are cows everywhere. I took these pictures on the short walk from my house to the program house this afternoon. And this is merely a selection of the more photogenic bovines.