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For anyone who doesn’t know Batik is a technique to dye fabric, it’s called a resist technique since you use wax over and over again to deep many times in dye and create different colors. It’s a slow process but once you get started its easy to loose track of time while slowly covering areas of the fabric with a brush and the wax.  ISP was definitely one of my favorite things I got to do in Varanasi. Going with Rachel to BHU (Banaras Hindu University) where our classes took place was always very fun and relaxing, BHU is very different from the rest of the city, it has wide streets and there are trees everywhere, it’s clean and relatively silent. Then working inside Jasminder’s office, sometimes it was only Rachel and me, sometimes a guy (Who became a good friend) called Malcolm joined us. I knew that by choosing batik as my ISP I was going to learn a lot about textiles (Which I love, especially in India) but I didn’t know that my teacher was going to become a role model to me. Jasminder is an amazing woman, self dependent, funny, caring, honest, kind, creative, intelligent, and so much more. Today we had to say goodbye to her and I realized how much I admire her and how much I want to learn from her. I take with me not only the amazing technique of Batik but also the inspiration of having a friend who is such a good example of the kind of person I wish to be.