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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.


Appleby Travelers,

How wonderful it is to welcome you to your Appleby and Where There Be Dragons Yak Board for “Guatemala: A New Generation.”

It seems like it’s just barely, but spring is quickly approaching! In a few months, you’ll bid adieu to Lake Ontario and say hello to Lake Atitlan. In addition to bodies of water, you’ll soon find yourself bouncing back and forth between time and place as you learn about Mayan cosmovision, permaculture principles, and Guatemala’s complicated history of politics, fruit, and development.  You’ll spend days and nights with homestay families who will take you in as their own upon meeting you; you’ll work with your hands and connect with the same earth that produced milpa in ancient Mayan times; you’ll eat new things, laugh with new friends, and make sense of the experience in your own wonderful way.

And alongside you, you’ll find that this Yak board will be a powerful forum that weaves together an exquisite narrative of the collective journey you’ll be on with your Appleby-Dragons community from the pre-course days, well into the field, and even after. To that end, introducing yourself on this board marks your official entrance into the course!

We are thrilled to be a part of your experience in Guatemala. To make it real, the first thing we are asking of you is an introduction. You may be well-acquainted with the folks on your course, but you may not know their expectations, excitement, goals, curiosities, and fears of your classmates, instructors, and teachers. This forum will provide the space and support to share these things. And, you’ll be amazed looking back at the end of the course and witness the ways you’ve grown and changed in just two weeks!

We are overjoyed to follow along with your adventure.



The Dragons Administration Team