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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Campfire Story

This is a collective yak written by the whole group during our morning meeting. In an in improvisational style each person would have to play off of the sentences provided before them.

Please enjoy our campfire style story, compiled for your enjoyment, having a sentence contributed by all group members!

Welcome to team time. We are all so happy to be back in Tiquipaya with our families, who we missed SO MUCH. After enjoying our lovely morning walks, we’re here at Granja Pollen where we’re excited to eat the delicious avocado bread prepared by Lucy, Olivia and Bri! While Doug is at the wood chip store, we’re sitting here, pumped to begin our planning of X-Phase. Avocados are a superfood. Our instructors (who are sitting right here) are very pleased because we know how to keep our place so very clean, everyday. This yak is your experience, I have to go check the avocado bread (words of a true group leader). Speaking of avocados, on this trip I have discovered how truly squishy avocados are as they’ve smooshed in my various pockets.

As the haggard looking group slumps in their chairs with an aura of contempt emanating off of every member, it’s a wonder to me how we have managed to make it this far without tearing each other to pieces, as well as make me doubt if we will be able to weather these final four weeks. After Bow’s horridly morose sentence, brimming with falsalities, some may think it hard to go on, but in this beautifully temperate and friendly city our group is actually excelling behind infectious smiles and with joyous souls. I hope that the avocado bread does not burn. The good news is our group, for the majority, is pooping happy and healthy- hopefully this can continue until semester’s end! We will begin planning X-Phase momentarily, and though I am not sure what we will do, I am confident we will have a grand ‘ole time, I say a grand ‘ole time!

Much love to one and all,

A&A Group B

P.s. Hi mom!!