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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Check in 11/8

What shows are you going to binge watch when you get home?

Kyra: Shameless, Stranger Things
Jack: Top Gear, Blacklist, Madam Secretary
Annabelle: Stranger Things, Riverdale
Som: The life journey of Somsanid
Mahler: Stranger Things, American Horror Story
Ethan: Ozark
Nate: Stranger Things
Tommy: Riverdale, Rick and Morty, The 100
Murray: SNL, Jon Oliver
Chloe: Jon Oliver, Trevor Noah, etc etc etc
Anna: The 100, Stranger Things
Soren: Parenthood
Marcus: Game of Thrones
Ford: The 100, Stranger Things, Blacklist, Ozark
Liam: Game of Thrones